How to Develop a Video Content Strategy for a B2B Niche - Tom Martin, Certified YouTube Growth Specialist


This is the episode you should really pay attention to if you are serious about growing your audience and making your content work for your business, we are going to learn from one of the best specialists in content strategy, Tom Martin. Tom has been running the YouTube channels of some of the biggest media companies for showings gathering billions of views and subscribers like Top Gear. The questions I will be asking him are all about how do you apply these strategies to business and to a niche like B2B fintech in particular. His advice has already been really actionable and effective for my own videos, but also my content overall.


There’s a niche for everyone on YouTube - even a segment of b2b fintech can find a large audience.

Content is about strategy and using data to find the right topics

You need quality and quantity of content to get some real traction on YouTube

If your company doesn’t produce enough content, consider partnering with a creator (or influencer) that covers your niche.



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