Bringing B2C Marketing Skills to the B2B Fintech World - Melanie Palmer | CMO, Nucoro


My guest today, Melanie Palmer, is passionate about helping people take control of their financial future. She does that as CMO of Nucoro, a scale-up that helps financial institutions deliver bespoke investing and savings solutions, and in her free time as well.

Melanie has been recognised by Innovate Finance and Investment Week as a leader in her field.

We are going to talk about

- How her B2C marketing background helps her find an edge in the B2B world.

- How the sales team drive the content at Nucoro

- Her extreme focus on the customer

And a lot more!


“Customer customer, customer, just focus on the customer. It's really easy to get distracted but always bring it back.”

“My biggest fear is people not getting their hands on the technology soon enough, because, you know pensions, state pension, are not going to cover us. So the quicker that we get this technology into the hands of people and we educate them, the impact is so material to what your life looks like and future.”

“Look at the numbers, women are much more likely to put their money in savings rather than investments. Let's do something about that! Banks make money, the customer makes money. As long as it's done in the right way, we talk about long term investments here, it can have a really positive society impact.”


The investments and savings innovation platform for Financial Services firms. Helping banks turn savers into investors.



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